Hey everyone, this is A.J!!! The first Superstar* book in the series is finished!!!!!



06/01/2008 12:07:41

Hey um are you really a girl
who writes books?
or is it just books u write
bout anything..and if i search ur
books will i find them?
r u a REAL author?
sorry for SO many questions.


06/01/2008 12:10:34

Oops I 4got to comment!

I love ur site and how u build up
drama and stuff so the pplz
can um want to read ur books
visit my site (i have ALOT)
and i am trying to write a book
even though im 12 and read my
short stories on starfalls.weebly.com
they hav new ones evry week or so


06/02/2008 06:39:42

that is so cool that u write books i am working on one called Filling Up On Files:a Kelsey Smith Story hope u can buy one o and look for the book there are no blankets on the moon my art teacher drew pics for that book and my old =teacher is the author i got it signed since i know her she toold me to feel special since she has known me since i was like 3 years old cause she taught at my preschool COME TO MY WEBSITE :)PLEASE BYE


06/04/2008 17:22:16

yup i made those stories all from
my imagination! i am vry creative ya
know..ur too!!! luv the site!
i might be adding more stories soon!


09/22/2008 14:35:43

hey guys! its me, AJ, the author and creater of this website and the Superstar* Series!i just wanted to tell u that the first book is now finished and i'm also working on the second, Friendship Star. my parents r working on getting it published, but u should also check out my other websites, http://teenymagizine.weebly.com, and i 4get what the other one is called. i'll check 4 u guys and tell u. thnx 4 the comments, anyways! bye!
sincerly, and yet, yours truly,


12/12/2008 22:54:56

are those books written by u?? and is it on sale??

if yes, then COOL!!!


12/31/2008 11:05:45

i'm back! my other site is called http://star2b.weebly.com ok... its been a while since i've been online. i'm auditioning for 2 movies soon, and i need support! to answer some questions.... alishah-yes, i write books, but none are published yet. but i'm more into acting and singing than i am writing. pinkpoodlechola- yes, i wrote them, but they aren't for sale yet. my mom wants to be the 1st to read them... but i think she forgot about it cuz that waz last summer... once she's done, we're going to re-print becuz i made a few mistakes, and then take it to a publuisher! so maybe, soon
also check out my youtube account(s)
my 2 personnal ones: http:/www.youtube.com/user/ajstieve
and my 2 shared accounts- http://www.youtube.com/user/celebritysecrets1

thanks you guys for liking my stuff!u can check out me singing on my ajstieve youtube account. like i said, im going to 2 auditions, so if you have a youtube account, subscribe, comment, favorite, and tell me how bad i am!!! (kidding. i'm OK. but nothing AMAZING)



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