1.Super Star

In this book, Beverly Ann Boggs is a "super" famous movie star. She is "super" spoiled and selfish. But her world turns upside down when her younger brother and sister go missing. And she realizes she misses something that she never imagined. Will she go to the limits to get her siblings back?

2.Friendship Star

Beverly's BFF, Val decides to change her personality right before she leaves on summer vacation Plus, Val dumps her perfect-for-her boyfriend for an older guy, who Beverly suspects is just using Val for his own personal gain. But how can Beverly get used to the "new" Val? And she soon realizes that she needs to change Val's mind, before Val's stuck being "girly". But, how will Beverly do it?

3. Rockstar

Val is back to normal. (* Thankfully.*) But now Val has dared Beverly to try to be a rockstar, because she thinks Beverly never listens to her about rock music, and Beverly says she dose. But now Beverly is determined more than ever to prove Val's wrong and she's right. But the question is, can Beverly be a rocksatr, when she knows nothing about rock?

4. My Rival Star

Now that Beverly is both a movie star and a pop singer, she realizes that it's 1 more set of problems to handle. Only now, Beverly's acting rival, Chloe Shag(* Rug.*) is a singer, too. So now, it's war between Beverly and Chloe. Who will win the most fans?